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Stone vs Wood: What Surface is Right for your Kitchen?

Quickly after moving into a new home or just renovating your own home, a brand new kitchen is often a big item on the list of jobs people like to do. The kitchen is the heart of any home, & with so many choices it’s a great time to think about doing yours! You must consider and take in to account the style of kitchen that suits you & your family.


Wood and Stone; Chalk and Cheese?

Deciding on what type of worktop surface to go with is a daunting one but with so many options in both, there’s a style to suit everyone’s taste. Wood offers a warmth and lends a natural design statement to your kitchen, while stone can give an incredibly bright, focused, and luxurious radiance to the kitchen. In the right home with the right furniture and color scheme, both can look incredibly stunning.

Both timber and stone feel & look so different to each other. When choosing stone as your counter top you want it to become the focal point of your entire kitchen. When someone walks through the door you want their first reaction to be “WOW”!



When it comes to the design of your kitchen, Quartz can be worked into any concept. Whether you want to make it practical in everyday use or by just having a statement piece that really jumps out. Practical uses include having an island with a quartz overhang to cater for seating or having a popup socket cut into the quartz so you can work efficiently and minimize the mess with wires & extension leads. A true statement piece in any kitchen includes a high hob splash behind appliances or a waterfall effect with quartz finished on seen gables like below.




There are low and high cost options in both wood and stone worktops When deciding on a worktop you must consider that wood will always be the cheaper option of the two. On the plus side there is a tiered category scale in the quartz top ranging from category A right up to Category E. They are some beautiful colors available at very affordable prices in our Category A range that includes Helsinki & Florence as seen below.















 Practicality & Maintenance

Both surfaces will, in all likelihood, be designed to a bespoke set of requirements. Both materials offer options of little touches such as draining grooves, recessed drainers etc. Quartz is essentially a man made stone, its very hard wearing, stain resistant to a point. When properly maintained and looked after quartz will be a lifetime job you will only need to do once. All our quartz range is from . The beauty of Santa Margherita is the quality that goes into manufacturing slabs. They are an Italian based company that offer a wide range of colorsto suit everyone’s taste. All slabs come with a 25 year manufacturers guarantee giving you that extra piece of mind.



Quartz is an extremely clean working surface. As it’s a non-porous material Bacteria can not seep through. The easiest and most effect way to clean quartz in seconds is warm soap and water or Dettol (non-bleach) anti-bacterial spray. This insures no transfer of germs to your food or family.


 How do I see the full range?

Its now easier than ever to view the full range in our showroom. Follow the link here to book an appoint that suits you. We can give you a free quotation based on kitchen plans or measurements. Alternatively plans can be emailed to 021 – 4315785